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Oolong Tea for sale

Taiwan Milk Oolong tea  

Taiwan milk oolong tea is the tea made from Jin Xuan tea, which has been scented with milk flavor,
so it has milk, sweet, fruit and fragrant taste. It is also named as Nai Xian Jin Xuan tea.
Milk oolong tea is a very popular tea in the world, especially in Europe, US and Australia. The color of tea liquid is golden yellow.

Milk Oolong, sometimes called silk oolong, like all Oolongs, is considered a semi-fermented tea  meaning it is somewhere between a black and green tea.

1.The tea is produced in relatively small quantities from March to December; in fact, only 80,000 kg
are produced with about 60,000 kg headed for the export market.

2.The Tea is 100% Handmade, All the tea are picked from 1000-1200 Meter High Mountain. Thus makes it Natural And Healthy!

3. Unique Making Process and it is for Minority Drinking people who focus on top grade Tea.
Brewing Milk Oolong Tea:
1. It needs to be brewed by high temperature water.
2.The tea color shows light yellow, and it tastes mellow and sweet with natural elegant milk fragrance.
3. At the first time of brewing, you will smell the warm fragrance.
4. At the second time, you should smell the tea fragrance.
5. And the third time, the fragrance will last long.

Oolong Tea for sale
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