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Family Pcr factory

※ Our History
Tyre business started and ROADONE brand was registered by Hixih Group in 2003
2004.07,Established ROADONE Tyre TBR project with annual 12 million production capacity .
2005.08,Established joint venture with Pirelli .
2014.03,Restart ROADONE TBR project By Tongli Tyre Co., Ltd.
2015.01,Tongli Tyre(Roadone) project was started , to produce high-end truck & bus radial tyres with 3 million sets production capacity.
ROADONE tyre was grandly launched once again after more than 10 years' successful cooperation between Hixih Group and Pirelli Group. All the key equipment are famous world-class, and customized according to international standard. It adopts the global leading technology of all steel radial truck tyres from the European century enterprise Pirelli, integrating the unique design to meet the demand of all road conditions. Through the engineering practice and market tests at the domestic and the overseas, the products are proved to be more advanced, more applicable and practicable which make them suitable for all kinds of road conditions and meet different market demands.
ROADONE applies the network control technology to guarantee the good quality and performance of the products and ensure the tyres produced meet GCC ,GSO, SNI ,DOT and ECE standards and internal control specifications. The worlds will become more open in the future, ROADONE Tyre   will continuously cooperate with partners to build a top international rubber industry production base with high-end technology and products and innovative capabilities.
※ Our Factory
Hixih Rubber Industry Group, located in Yanzhou district, Jining city, Shandong Province, which is one of  the most flourishing economic areas in China. Which founded in 1989, is an international, diversified and innovative enterprise group , occupying an area of 200 thousand square meters. The total number of employees is over 10,000 .
In 2017, the sales revenue reached RMB 43 billion and the taxation of profit RMB 1.9 billion.
Persist in combining-with-giant-enterprises and open-development concept, Hixih cooperated or established joint ventures with Pirelli, Continental, Bekaert  and other large transnational companies, and achieved great success in their respective fields.
Rubber industry is the leading business and other business that Hixih Group involved include power plant, new energy, metallic products, real estate, health care and capital operation.
Hixih is distributed by an international sales network.
Located along the Beijing-Shanghai express railway, and it takes only 2 hours to Beijing, and 3 hours to Shanghai. Its about 180 km to Jinan international airport, and 300 km to Qingdao harbor.
Hixih has a 2×50MW cogeneration units, which can guarantee the electricity and steam supply.
Hixih built Shandong Huasheng energy company producing LNG with designed capacity of 800 thousand Nm³/d, which made it possible to supply the group companies with high-quality and high-efficient clean energy.
Tongli Tyre Co., Ltd, located in Hixih Industrail Park, Yanzhou Districk, Jining City, is specialized in production of mid to high-end industrial tires.
The designed production capacity is 2 million sets after phase one project. The project was completed and put into operation on 28th April 2015.
Formally put into production in June,2015, Tongli mainly produces medium and high end truck and bus radial tyres with 3 million sets production capacity. The brand is ROADONE.
Build a new project of high performance PCR   with 10 million sets annual production capacity.
Tongli applies reinforced-bead and four-layer-belt structure design to let the tyres produced, and the safety performance and life time are greatly improved.
By adopting green and environmental protection design,  tyres are more economic and   more environmental friendly.
※ Our Product
◇ Truck tire
◇ Bus tire
◇ Light truck tire
※ Product Application
All kinds of road conditions
※ Our Certificate
※ Production Equipment
Total construction area of the plant is 200 thousand square meters. And the steel structure workshop was designed and constructed by Butler of America as per the FM certification, which represents the highest level for truck tyre project.
All the production equipments were imported   from the world-class suppliers of Germany, America, Holland and Belgium. They were customized according to our requirements so as to guarantee the quality and performance of the tyres.
Have applied high end customized equipment with high efficiency and low energy consumption. With over 10 years cooperation experience with international leading tire manufacture, combined   with own unique design, with the joint operation with top equipment supplier, Tongli Tyre adopts advance high temperature and pressure dynamic vulcanization technology. By introducing green production technology like peak shift, RTO and UV waste gas management, Tongli set up a intelligent production system with high efficiency, accurate operation, stable quality control system.
Internal Mixer—Krupp Germany
BARTELL wire extruder– BARTELL Germany
Rubber sheet calender machine
Curing press– most stable curing system
Wire calender machine– Rudolf Italy
Building machine---VMI Netherland
※ Production Market
Many product series including long distance   standard loading, mid-long distance heavy loading, mid-short distance and   mine application to meet varies demands from customers. Unique compound and   unique structure and tread design makes the tire low wear and long miles,   reduce the fuel consumption, ensure the driving comfort and safety.
In heavy loading area, ROADONE has become the top player and in standard loading area ROADONE is the leading brand in China market. In 2017 the order quantity of ROADONE is more than one million and sixty thousand sets, sales income reached 1.72 billion RMB, ranked top third   in single brand sales amount, and exported many countries and regions in South America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. In 2018, ROADONE tire   launch “350”project, we shall work harder to expand market to achieve annual   sales target, the expected sales amount will beyond 3.6 billion RMB.
※ Our service
3 years guarantee from date of productionFamily Pcr factory
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