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China Nano silver yarn manufacturers

Conductive Yarn/Textile/Fabric/Garment
X-Silver is a fiber made with layer of 99,9% pure silver, which is permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. It has been used primarily as an industrial and medical product, servicing high-tech industries and the Department of Defense.
More recently it has been thrust into consumer product markets as a result of the need for a safe, natural and effective antimicrobial solution. X-Silver is a fiber antimicrobial, all natural, heat transfer, anti-Silver and therapeutic.
Specifications :Conductive Filber Yarn ,Silver Conductive Fiber , Special type textile, Silver Fiber and Silver Fabric
Type:Metallic Yarn
Material:Nylon / Metallic
Registered Trademark:X-Silver
Yarn Type:silver fiber
Use:Sewing, Knitting
Yarn Count:24
Various Colour:Silver grey
Place of Origin:Quanzhou, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:X-Silver, X-silver
Model Number: 40D,70D,100D,140D,280D,420D,750D
Application of Conductive Yarn/Textile/Fabric/Garment
Production Flow of ConductiveYarn/Textile/Fabric/Garment
Packaging & Delivery
One cones with one pp page ,12 cones in one carton, and can be customizedChina Nano silver yarn manufacturers
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